How Reps and Sets Will Elevate You in your Workout and your Work Place !

Have you ever watched someone intensely lift weights, grunting, sweat dripping from his forehead, muscles bulging, veins popping as if his body might just give out? Believe it or not, there is reason behind his insanity. Well, you too can obtain the same benefits with a “sane” workout routine that fits right into your work place and schedule.

repssetsIncluding reps and sets in your workout routine will be critical to facilitate better muscle growth and stability. In fact, regular workouts with reps and sets will improve bodily function, including mood, metabolism, appetite, and your effectiveness in the work place.

There is no “perfect” set to rep ration. Those in the health and fitness fields routinely debate this issue. The best thing is to determine for yourself, through trial and error, what works for and pushes your body to improve. Overtime, increasing weight intensity and number of reps gradually is a more healthy and natural approach that will be right for your body and fitness level.

The purpose of repeating an exercise is to work a specific muscle until the muscle fibers eventually tear and reach exhaustion/failure. As you incorporate higher reps and/or greater resistance, you are essentially training your muscles to work harder and build endurance. Tearing muscle fibers encourages greater blood flow to that tissue to repair and become stronger. Don’t forget to rest between sets as this will allow your body time to re-oxygenate your muscles.

When using OfficeGYM we recommend that you gradually, every couple of weeks, increase your reps for each exercise. And remember, not only will your serotonin levels go up with increased reps and sets, but also an increased amount of tryptophan in the brain will also result; creating a more efficient and healthier you that is faster, smarter, and hotter at work!