Prevent Back Pain with OfficeGym

The new device straps on to any office chair and helps to prevent back pain and stress

office solo girl in chair blank room

At the Corporate Health Convention in Stuttgart, a young German company introduces OfficeGYM, a device designed for installation onto any office chair that can be used to exercise the main muscle groups at anytime during the work day, while sitting in your chair.

It is well known that the sedentary life associated with long hours spent sitting, paired possibly with what commonly is a wrong and uncomfortable posture, can cause many conditions like back pain, muscle soreness, blood circulation and cardiovascular problem, stress and low job productivity.

With OfficeGYM, anyone can perform a wide range of exercises  which helps the blood flowing through the body in order to keep you more alert and prevent pains and soreness in the back and shoulders. The main advantage of the device is its versatility. If installed on the chair where one spends most time sitting during the day, it can be used in any spot of free time, without having to leave your  chair or assemble and disassemble something.

OfficeGYM is used by gripping the soft handles behind the shoulders and pulling the interchangeable elastic cords in different directions, depending on the exercise. The handle bars can be set in two positions, up or down, to widen the exercise range. A complete guide of basic exercises and their specific benefits is available is included with the unit, The company will also use their social media outlets to add new exercises  and provide a space where users can suggest their own.

OfficeGYM is available for sale online at the official website