Please take the following precautions when using OfficeGym

  • Always ensure that you maintain full control over the power cords when using OfficeGym
  • OfficeGym may only be used when firmly attached to the backrest of a chair
  • Make sure that OfficeGym is attached tightly to the backrest of your chair to avoid that OfficeGym slips off your backrest.
  • Keep your body in a stable position when using OfficeGym
  • Ensure that you are sitting stable on your office chair
  • Make sure you keep adequate distance from your office neighbor in order to make sure that your neighbor doesn’t get hurt

Further instructions/ recommendations

  • We recommend that you consult your certified physician before start using OfficeGym
  • If experiencing pain while using OfficeGym stop the exercise. If pain persists , immediately consult your physician
  • Please read the instruction manual and the exercise booklet carefully prior to using OfficeGym
  • Use OfficeGym only as instructed in the manuals and the exercise booklets
  • We recommend to remove wristwatches in order to avoid any damages to your wristwatch
  • Please check OfficeGym for worn or damaged parts prior to using it.
  • If you already experience pain or have a health condition (such as back pain, weak joints, etc.) pls. consult your physician prior to using OfficeGym
  • Please ensure that the aluminum tubes are touching the frame of the backrest of your chair


  • We warrant that OfficeGym is free of defects in materials and workmanship
  • Anyone who uses Office Gym does so at his own risk, Office Gym does particularly not take liability for any damages caused by accident, abuse or misuse of the product