OFFICE GYM pays high attention on the protection of personalized data. All Web based activities of OfficeGYM are based on the guidelines of the European Union and the recommendation of the GDBe ( In addition, OfficeGYM follows the laws of Germany, guiding the protection of data and data security. This data privacy protection note provides information on how OfficeGYM treats information which are collection during your visit on the website of OfficeGYM or websites and mobile services hosted by OfficeGYM.

Collection and processing of personal data

OFFICE GYM will make usage on the personal data you provide (title, name, address, date of birth, Email address, phone number, fax number, bank account, credit card number) only according to the laws and regulations of the German data-protection-law.

Your personal data, as far as required for starting, content definition or changes/adjustments of the contractual relationship (Stockdata), will only be used for the clearing of the contracts between us, as sending you the product. Any further usage of your stock data for the use of advertisement, market research or for offerings tailored to market needs will require your explicit acceptance. You have the opportunity to express your commitment prior to your order. This declaration of acceptance is voluntarily and can be revoked any time.

Usage data

Your personalized data, which are required in order to enable and charge (usage data) our offering, will at first also only be used for the clearance of the contract between us. Such usage data are specifically attributes such as your identification as a user, details for the beginning, ending and the degree of usage and details about you as a user and the type of telemedia you have used. Such usage data can also be used for advertisement, market research or for telemedia offerings tailored to market needs, for the creation of user profiles with pseudonyms. You have the right and the option to object to the usage in “my account”. Under no circumstance will the usage profiles of the corresponding data be merged.

Usage and transmission of personal data

OFFICE GYM will make usage of your personal data only for the purpose of technical website administration, to give you access to special information and for other related communication with you. Your personal data will neither be provided to any third party, nor be used for any other purpose. The employee of OfficeGYM is bound to non disclosure.

In case your personal data have changed (e.g. Email, mailing address etc) you can contact and inform OfficeGYM directly via, in order to change and correct your data and have it updated.


Cookies are small files which are temporarily stored onto your hard drive. These will only be used to obtain information about the usage of the website OfficeGYM. With that it is possible to recognize your computer upon your next visit to OfficeGYM.
Cookies do not contain personalized data, hence your personal data privacy is secured. Depending on the settings, your browser will accept cookies automatically. However, you can change the settings of browser and visit the website of OfficeGYM without the usage of cookies.


OFFICE GYM takes precautious measures, to protect your personalized data against loss, manipulation and unauthorized access. The legal data security regulations of Germany will be paid attention to.


OFFICE GYM recommends all parents and guardians, to advise their children in the save and responsible handling of personal data in the internet as well as all other means of telecommunications. Without the approval of parents or guardians children should not provide any sort of personal data to the website of OfficeGYM. OfficeGYM declares that it will not consciously collect, use or provide to third party, the personal data of children.
Links to external Websites

This declaration for data privacy is valid for all web based offerings of OfficeGYM. The website in these offerings can contain links to other suppliers, internal as well as external of OfficeGYM, to which the data privacy declaration does not extend. In case you leave the website or service of OfficeGYM, we recommend, checking the respective data security declaration of each website with regard to personal data collection.
Right to be informed

If you have questions with regard to the processing of your personal data, you can contact the data privacy trustee:
Rechtsanwalt Platzbecker, BKP & Partner, Palmaille 96, 22767 Hamburg, Telefon: +49 (0) 40 4600 8966

upon request we will provide you in writing the effective law, if and which personal data will be stored by OfficeGYM.