Relieve Stress by Keeping Active Throughout the Work Day

Have you ever spent endless hours at your desk, mulling over a contract, or a lesson plan, or a closing argument, or which stocks in which to invest? As each hour passes, your body hunches more, your eyes get droopier, your concentration wavers, your patience becomes void. The flickering harsh lights of the office floor act as a reminder of your imposing deadline, causing more stress and angst.

Pile on the fact that you may be missing your child’s parent-teacher conference, or the cancer benefit event, or your weekly spinning class. Your mind screams for relief. The stress boils over with nowhere to spill…because you must remain professional.

Physical activity releases endorphins, your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters. When released into your blood stream, endorphins lighten your mood, and help you feel more balanced and overall happier. No matter if you are running, swimming, playing basketball, holding yoga poses, walking to lunch instead of driving, or using bands or free weights to do bicep curls, the sheer act of physical movement produces this chemical reaction. Use this knowledge to your benefit: keeping active throughout the work day is imperative to stay productive and creative.

Your metabolism will kick up, encouraging you to eat a healthy meal; your dedication to exercise at your desk will inspire your co-workers to do the same, positively affecting the work atmosphere; you will no longer feel so sluggish, but instead rejuvenated and de-stressed. Your work will shine.

In today’s world, many Americans value appearance and health. Therefore, keeping up with your physical body’s needs through exercise will limit your level of stress. People are infamous for making excuses why they do not have time to exercise and eat properly. Empower yourself to stay “on track” and exercise.