The 9 to 5 desk job can be dangerous for your health—physically and mentally. Why? Here’s 5 reasons:

Being inactive for up to8+ hours each weekday limits your body’s ability to metabolize, combat illness, circulate blood efficiently, and maintain and build muscle strength.

Unhealthy In-Office Food:
Donuts, pastries or other high-carb-high-fat treats often offered in cafeterias or during office meetings. Such food options makes eating healthy merely impossible. The donuts smell and look delicious and you’re hungry because maybe you didn’t make time for breakfast or simply have a sudden sugar craving. As your coworkers all chow and sip vigorously, you, too, figure, why not!

Desk Lunches:
If sitting at your desk for up to 8+ hours a day isn’t bad enough, Americans regularly remain at their desks even while eating lunch. If you forget to pack a lunch, which typically is healthier, you order in or pick up from nearby fast food restaurant chains, like Jimmy John’s or Chik-fil-A, because it is convenient, economic and perhaps tasty. But, remember, such food options are very unhealthy.

The stress associated with a career is taxing. You worry about performing well to either keep your job, guarantee a promotion in the upcoming months, or meet your boss’ expectations and deadlines. When stressed and consumed by work, most people reach for quick snacks that are often unwholesome. When overwhelmed by deadlines, bills, and employee reviews, most people make no time for exercise.

Stale Air:
Clean, fresh air fills your lungs and circulates your blood more readily, allowing your brain and body to function at its peak levels. However, the atmosphere in an office does not compare to that of nature; therefore, an 8+ hour work day stunts the body’s functionalities because you are not feeding your blood fresh oxygen.

Incorporating exercise, routine breaks to walk outside for fresh air, and nutritious packed lunches and snacks can immensely kickstart a healthier lifestyle. Suggest serving apples and almonds and the like as opposed to pastries during staff meetings. Suggest walking with co-workers to a nearby farmers market for lunch. Commit yourself to being aware of these 5 hazards of an office job and to combating these hazards, step by step.

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