Benefits of Resistance Training: Elastic Bands vs. Weight Lifting

resistance-training_man-womanNo longer is a basic cardio workout, such as swimming, walking, or biking, enough to keep you healthy and strong as you age. Medical research has shown resistance training is vital to building bone density, controlling your weight (because more muscle mass means more calories burned), managing chronic health conditions (such as diabetes), and improving your balance, focus, and stamina.

Resistance training refers to using an opposing force to exercise your muscles. This opposing force can either be through the use of resistance tubes or weights. Resistance tubes, more commonly known as resistance bands, are of an elastic and flimsy material that, when pulled taut, engage your muscles and break down muscle fibers, just as weights do. Free weights (commonly made of case iron or steel, and sometimes coated with vinyl) or weight machines are two forms of weight lifting equipment used to add resistance.

These types of training equipment share similarities: both allow for a free range of motion at varying speeds, while also allowing you to increase the amount of resistance as your strength progresses. However, because lifting weights must be done along the vertical plane in order to work your muscles, resistance bands have an added benefit because you can also move along the horizontal plane. This wider range of motion more closely imitates everyday, functional activities.

The OfficeGym is a resistance training device designed to build strength and endurance for every day health. The unit’s dual velcro straps attach to the backrest of any chair and the elastic bands and pulley system provide resistance as you perform traditional weightlifting movements. The locking system lets you flip the handle tubes in different positions, allowing a complete range of resistance exercises.

No one method of resistance training is greater than the other. As long as your muscles are contracting against external resistance—whether it’s weights, machines, or resistance tubing, the exercises will work to help you build strength and tone.
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Making Fitness A Part Of Your Everyday

Looking to get into better shape? If you’re like most people, the minute you start to think that it’s time to begin putting in more effort to get into better shape or enhancing your fitness routine and losing some excess body weight, it’s the same minute that you start to think about signing up for a gym membership.

Most people have come to believe that if they are going to get into better physical conditioning, this means that they should be looking at ‘doing their time’ in the gym.

But is this really the case?

The fact of the matter is that you can dramatically improve your health and fitness level simply by being more active on a daily basis.

Getting fit doesn’t have to take hours out of your day. It simply is something that you need to be more consciously aware of.

Let’s give you a few ideas to get you started.

Window Shop Rather Than Sitting for Coffee

Instead of sitting down with a friend for coffee why not go window shopping? Catching up with your friends is important, and those who have strong social lives tend to be happier overall, but you need to start choosing active things to do with them.

Rather than remaining sedentary and possibly sipping a hot coffee beverage containing piles of calories and sugar, get up and move around. Walk and talk – that’ll get you fit and caught up in a hurry.

Park And Walk To Work

Next, rather than seeking out the closes parking stall to your building at work, consider parking as far away as possible and walking the rest of the distance.

Little bits of walking throughout the day will add up, so don’t underestimate the value of these walks. If you really want to take this a step further, park a few blocks away and take a ten minute walk to and from work daily.

This will really boost your overall calorie burn.

Join A Recreational Sports League Rather Than Watching TV

Another simple tip to get more active is to consider signing up for a recreational sports league. If you often find yourself coming home in the evenings and turning on the TV to pass time, you need to become more active.

Not only will a sports league provide this, but it’s also a great way to get out there and meet new people.

Be Active At Work With The Office Gym

Finally, it’s time to get active at work. Sitting all day in an office chair for 8 hours can take its toll on your health and fitness level, not to mention your energy levels plummeting.

If you often feel drained after your workday, this is strong indication that you need to focus on getting up and being more active.

The OfficeGym device is an excellent way to do this. The device simply straps onto your regular chair and will allow you to perform a number of different exercises, targeting all the main muscle groups.

This is going to also be one of the best ways to combat lean muscle mass loss associated with inactivity, which can then put you at risk for fat gain down the road.

So keep these quick and simple tips in mind so that you can get fit without feeling like you’re a slave to the gym. It really can be this simple as long as you make a concentrated effort to seek out more physical activity.