OfficeGym: Slip in a workout during your work day

If you’re like most people, when you decide to improve your health and fitness, you immediately start to think about putting together a gym workout routine. You may also feel guilty that as soon as you leave work each day, rather than hitting the gym, you’re running errands, or  you head home to wind down and relax on the couch.

At the same time, you may be finding that the old wives tale of the gym solving all of your problems may not be netting you the results you want. More people are beginning to realize that their desk job could actually be the biggest threat to their overall health.

The Health Impact Of Extended Sitting

The first and most critical thing to know is the danger of sitting for extended periods of time. The Archives Of Internal Medicine published a study that noted those individuals who had the most prolonged sitting periods on a regular basis demonstrated the highest mortality rates. Amongst those individuals that that sat for 11 or more hours per day, their mortality was almost 50% higher than those that sat for only 4-8 hours per day. In addition, those numbers were neither impacted by a formal exercise program. If you’re sitting for that extended period, you will still be at an increased risk regardless of whether or not you go to the gym.

Other Negative Impacts 

Not only is mortality rate increased, but prolonged sitting also negatively affects your posture. Over time, your back muscles will become weaker and without conscious effort to maintain proper posture, a hunched back appearance may result.

Furthermore, extended sitting will also cause the metabolic rate to decline significantly, which can lead to an increased risk of body fat gain.

Finally, if you remain sitting and motionless for a prolonged period of time, your blood flow may become restricted, meaning fewer nutrients and oxygen get delivered to the organs and brain. This causes muscles and tendons to tighten and stiffen.

The Solution

The key to removing these threats to your health and fitness level is to focus on short, consistent bits of activity throughout the day. While one long workout is definitely great, it’s even better if you can do periodic bursts of activity from both a health and weight loss standpoint.

One very excellent tool that makes this activity program attainable is the OfficeGYM. The device straps easily to the back of your office chair and then allows you to perform a wide variety of different exercises to challenge your body’s various muscles.

Whether you want to firm your shoulders, biceps, abs and legs, or prevent back pain due to bad posture, the OfficeGYM can assist you. An exercise guide is provided that outlines suggested exercises, all of which you can do without leaving your desk.

If you are a busy individual, the OfficeGYM, will help you to maximize your time. No longer will you have to worry about dedicating hours each week to public gym workouts. Instead, you can get fit, minute by minute, right in the comfort of your personal office chair.

Two to three minutes, five to eight times per day is all it takes to see remarkable results to both your fitness and health levels. Next time, instead of rethinking your gym workouts, consider what you’re doing during the course of your day. Make adjustments, slip in moments of activity, and watch your body change for the better!

Chey, T. et al. (2012). Sitting time and all-cause mortality risk in 222 497 Australian adults. Archives Of Internal Medicine.  March 26; 172(6):494-500.


Prevent Back Pain with OfficeGym

The new device straps on to any office chair and helps to prevent back pain and stress

office solo girl in chair blank room

At the Corporate Health Convention in Stuttgart, a young German company introduces OfficeGYM, a device designed for installation onto any office chair that can be used to exercise the main muscle groups at anytime during the work day, while sitting in your chair.

It is well known that the sedentary life associated with long hours spent sitting, paired possibly with what commonly is a wrong and uncomfortable posture, can cause many conditions like back pain, muscle soreness, blood circulation and cardiovascular problem, stress and low job productivity.

With OfficeGYM, anyone can perform a wide range of exercises  which helps the blood flowing through the body in order to keep you more alert and prevent pains and soreness in the back and shoulders. The main advantage of the device is its versatility. If installed on the chair where one spends most time sitting during the day, it can be used in any spot of free time, without having to leave your  chair or assemble and disassemble something.

OfficeGYM is used by gripping the soft handles behind the shoulders and pulling the interchangeable elastic cords in different directions, depending on the exercise. The handle bars can be set in two positions, up or down, to widen the exercise range. A complete guide of basic exercises and their specific benefits is available is included with the unit, The company will also use their social media outlets to add new exercises  and provide a space where users can suggest their own.

OfficeGYM is available for sale online at the official website