"I am thrilled by the concept and design of OfficeGym. It offers me a lot of options to integrate efficient exercises into my daily routines. Useful exercises to improve overall fitness and prevent pain as a result of long hours of sitting. As a medical doctor, I am fully convinced by the concept and the method of OfficeGym."
M.D. Harry F. Konig
"I think its a great product for activating the office environment. Those of us who work on computers hours at a time would find OfficeGym very helpful for relieving tension, refreshing the body, and strengthening upper body muscles. I recently worked on two very involving proposals requiring several hours on the computer over several days at a time. With OfficeGym installed on my chair, I was able to release the built up tension in my arms and shoulder muscles. I don't have time to work out in a gym. OfficeGym enables me to integrate exercise where I am when I can - without leaving my space."
Peggy, Director of Research, UCLA
"OfficeGym is ideal for me and my employees. As an attorney, long working days are common, leaving little time for exercise. OfficeGym offers my employees and me an opportunity to be active without leaving our desks."
Boris Hofmann

Jaime Rutt Pilates Instructor