Orthopedic Coccyx Seat Cushion with Memory Foam

Price: $33.11
  • Brand:
  • Special Feature:
  • Washable Cover
  • Color:
  • Navy Blue
  • Fill Material:
  • Memory Foam
  • Shape:
  • Semicircular


Unmatched Comfort Guaranteed:

OFFICEGYM presents an orthopedic marvel that ensures impeccable posture and alleviates tailbone pain, promoting discomfort-free sitting anytime, anywhere.


Revolutionary Memory Foam Bliss:

Our advanced memory foam indulges you with superior cushioning, reducing tailbone pressure. Say goodbye to discomfort as this cushion embraces you with enduring relief.


Adapatable All-Scenario Support:

Tailored for the office, car, or travel, our exceptional coccyx pillow reigns supreme. Its high-grade memory foam transforms every seat into a realm of relaxation.


Crafted Excellence in Coccyx Comfort:

Meticulously designed with responsive memory foam and an exclusive coccyx cut-out, this seat cushion revolutionizes tailbone and back support, banishing pain.


Our Pledge, Your Peace:

OFFICEGYM is synonymous with contentment. We pledge your satisfaction with our tailbone cushion, and if unsatisfied, a full refund awaits within 30 days. Your comfort, our commitment.