The Chair Trainer: Your Desk-side Gym

Price: $99.95
  • Brand:
  • OfficeGYM
    • Color:
    • Matte Black
    • Fill Material:
    • Reinforced PolyEthylene and aluminum
      • Unit Count:
      • 1 Count
      • Back Style:
      • Solid Back


      Versatile Exercise Accessory:

      The OfficeGym Chair Trainer is engineered to attach effortlessly to virtually any office chair. This ingenious device empowers you to stretch, strengthen, and tone your muscles all while seated at your desk.


      Promotes Active Sitting:

      Combat the adverse effects of prolonged sitting by engaging in key de-stressing exercises throughout the day. The OfficeGym promotes active sitting, encouraging movement and flexibility, improving your circulation and posture.


      Simple Installation:

      No tools? No problem! Installation is a breeze, with a user-friendly design that allows for quick setup, getting you moving in no time.


      Compact and Lightweight:

      The sleek, non-bulky design of the OfficeGym ensures it can be easily stowed away when not in use, making it a practical addition to your workspace.


      Customizable Resistance:

      Tailored to suit all fitness levels, the OfficeGym comes with easily interchangeable resistance bands, allowing you to adjust the intensity of your workout to meet your personal fitness goals.

      What Our Customers Are Saying

      Our customers are thrilled with the OfficeGym Chair Trainer, praising not only the innovative product but also our exceptional customer service. Pooja mentions, "The whole apparatus is not too bulky and is very light, so it's perfect to store away when needed!" Lawrence bought it for his daughter who absolutely loves it, while David has lost over 10 pounds and gained more energy by incorporating the OfficeGym into his daily routine at work.

      With the OfficeGym Chair Trainer, the excuse of “no time for exercise” becomes a thing of the past. Reclaim your health and vitality even on the busiest days. Turn the sedentary nature of your job into an opportunity for fitness, all without leaving your desk.

      5 Minute Stretch

      Jaime shows you how to get some invigorating and relaxing stretches from key areas of your body that tend to get sore and stiff from sitting at a desk for long hours

      Work Out series with the Chair Trainer

      Muscle Groups Video Series. See how to use OfficeGYM to workout your traces in this shortened effective routine, to do at home or at work

      How to assemble